Welcome to Swiftsure International

Swiftsure has recently been restructured, and is now in a position to move forward. We are actively looking for a new business project that will allow the company to grow, attract new investors, and create shareholder value. This is an opportunity for investors who want to get in at a grass roots stage.

We have a large network of business contacts, investors and shareholders who will be involved in finding and financing our next business venture. Our investment criteria includes having an established business model, strong management team and solid sales growth. We are determined to acquire an exciting business project that will create value for Swiftsure shareholders.

This website is meant to provide investors and shareholders with ongoing information about our plans. There will be regular updates on our search for and acquisition of a new business project, and information about how investors can get involved in our company.

Feel free to add your thoughts and share your opinion on our blog. There is a world of business opportunity out there and we invite anyone with a good project to contact us if you are interested in becoming part of a public company with access to financing.